This is take-2 on this.  Apologies for the short notice.

  As some may be aware, we are currently working with Rackspace to
  upgrade the PostgreSQL infrastructure systems which they graciously
  host for us.  As part of these upgrades there will be downtime for
  systems hosted there.

  To facilitate the migration of systems, Rackspace is upgrading the
  switching infrastructure to Gigabit (from 100Mbps).  This upgrade will
  happen on Tuesday, April 29th (today, for most of the world), between
  2100-2200 UTC (5pm-6pm US/Eastern).  We hope the downtime will be
  minimal but the window allows for up to 1 hour.  To be clear- this is
  ~4 hours from the time of this email.

  This downtime will impact all systems hosted @ Rackspace as they are
  upgrading the switch for us.  End-user services which will be impacted
    git master server (Committers only), (Developer personal homepages) (sandbox, Jenkins) (Translation services)

  Redundant services (minimal impact expected): (other nameservers will still work)
    .us inbound mail relay (other MXs will still work)
    .us website front-end (should be removed from pool)
    FTP mirror (should be removed from pool)

  We anticipate this being the only whole-environment outage during
  this migration.  Future outages will happen for individual systems
  as we migrate them to the new hardware. 



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