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> The core issues are:
> 1) There is no place to enter total system memory available to the
> database in postgresql.conf
> 2) Memory settings (except for the above) are given as absolute
> amounts, not percentages.

Those sound useful starting points.

The key issue for me is that effective_cache_size is a USERSET. It
applies per-query, just like work_mem (though work_mem is per query

If we had "total system memory" we wouldn't know how to divide it up
amongst users since we have no functionality for "workload

It would be very nice to be able to tell Postgres that "I have 64GB
RAM, use it wisely". At present, any and all users can set
effective_cache_size and work_mem to any value they please, any time
they wish and thus overuse available memory. Which is why I've had to
write plugins to manage the memory allocations better in userspace.

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