Justin Clift wrote:
"Marc G. Fournier" wrote:
Not going to happen ... there are oodles of "not big, but useful" pieces
of software out there that we could include ... but th epoint of Gborg is
you download the main repository, and then you go to gborg to look for the
add-ons you might like to have ...

Ok.  Wonder if it's worth someone creating a "PostgreSQL Powertools"
type of package, that includes in one download all of these nifty tools
(pg_autotune, oid2name, etc) that would be beneficial to have compiled
and already available.  Kind of like "contrib" is (oid2name is already
there I know), but so people don't have to go hunting all over GBorg to
find the bits that they'd want.
That would be wonderful if it included some of the more stable tools / add-ons that have been removed from the main distribution or have existed independent of the main PostgreSQL development.


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Justin Clift


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