Tom Lane wrote:
> Christoph Berg <> writes:
> > 84df54b22e8035addc7108abd9ff6995e8c49264 introduced timestamp
> > constructors. In the regression tests, various time zones are tested,
> > including America/Metlakatla. Now, if you configure using
> > --with-system-tzdata, you'll get an error if that zone isn't there.
> > Unfortunately, this is what I'm getting now when trying to build beta1
> > on Ubuntu 10.04 (lucid) with tzdata 2010i-1:
> I agree, that seems an entirely gratuitous choice of zone.

Well, it wasn't entirely gratuituous -- it had a very large offset from
UTC to one direction and made a sudden jump to the opposite direction in
1900.  Obviously I didn't notice the timezone had been created in 2011.
(I bet if this hadn't been tried in a platform with such an old tzdata,
this wouldn't have been noticed.  Don't Ubuntu update tzdata on their
LTS platforms!?)

> I'm quite unimpressed by the dependency on Mars/Mons_Olympus, too ... that
> might not fail *today*, but considering it's a real location, assuming it
> is not in the IANA database seems like a recipe for future failure.
> Maybe something like Nehwon/Lankhmar?  Or maybe we should not try to be
> cute but just test Foo/Bar.

I liked Mars/Mons_Olympus, but Nehwon/Lankhmar is good too.
/me adds more to his to-read list

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