Christoph Berg <> writes:
> Re: Tom Lane 2014-05-10 <>
>> Our normal procedure is
>> o update config.guess and config.sub at the start of beta
>> (from

> Fwiw, shouldn't that also happen in back branches?

No, we are not in the habit of back-patching such changes, at least
not automatically.  I'd be willing to consider it once the new scripts
have survived a beta-testing cycle ... however, a look at our commit
logs shows we have never actually updated config.guess/config.sub in
any back branch.

> Updating config.* there gives you portability to new architectures for
> free - and there should be no risk of breaking anything.

The policy of not back-patching dates back to circa 2000, when new
config scripts *routinely* broke things due to changes in what they
printed on some machines (again, there's lots of evidence on this point
in our commit history).  Perhaps that's less of a concern nowadays.
Still, there seems to be zero field demand for doing this.

As for "new architectures for free", nope --- spinlock assembly code
is usually the gating factor for that, not the config scripts.

                        regards, tom lane

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