Thanks Jeff.

2014-05-14 2:19 GMT+08:00 Jeff Janes <>:

> On Tue, May 13, 2014 at 10:12 AM, Zhe-Wei Jiang <>wrote:
>> Hi everyone,
>> I'm new to the open source community, and wanna help in some
>> implementation work.
>> However, when I looked into the TODO list, I found most of the items are
>> very old.
> So that is one thing you can do to help, try to improve the todo page!
>  I've thought we should create a new badge for staleness (in addition to
> the Easy and Done ones) and add it to everything currently on the page,
> then remove it from ones that were recently evaluated and still seem to be
> relevant.
> And in the process, we should clarify why they haven't been done yet.
>  Often what really needs to be done is not the implementation, but rather
> the evaluation of whether it is worth the trade offs involved.

Aren't I too unfamiliar with the postgreSQL project to help on this?
I think this should be coordinated by a more experienced contributor.

>> Therefore, I'd like to know if there is any entry-level implementation
>> needed by PostgreSQL now?
> Did anything on the todo list strike your fancy, especially anything
> marked Easy?  Even if it is old, it still might be valid. Then discuss it
> here on the hackers list, and if it not still valid we can remove it from
> the list.  No point putting the sour milk back in the fridge.
The following two look easies to me:
[E] [image: Incomplete
full object name to the tag field. eg. for operators we need '=(integer,
integer)', instead of just '='. [E] [image: Incomplete
pg_dump to create skeleton views for reload (which are then updated via
CREATE OR REPLACE VIEW) when views have circular dependencies. This should
eliminate the need for the CREATE RULE "_RETURN" hack currently used to
address this issue.

Are they still in need?

Besides, for the following:
[E] [image: Incomplete
warnings created by -Wcast-align

I tried to add -Wcast-align in the latest git source but found no warning.
Should this be removed from the TODO page?

> How much experience do you have using PostgreSQL (or for that matter,
> coding in C)?
Actually I never used PostgreSQL before.
I used to run mySQL but also not much experience.
I coded C++ for ~10 years and I guess C should not bring too much trouble.

> Cheers,
> Jeff

Zhe-Wei Jiang

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