On Tue, 22 Oct 2002, Tom Lane wrote:

> Greg Copeland <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> > Interesting.  Having not looked at memory management schemes used in the
> > pl implementations, can you enlighten me by what you mean by "integrate
> > the memory-context notion"?  Does that mean they are not using
> > palloc/pfree stuff?
> Not everywhere.  plpgsql is full of malloc's and I think the other PL
> modules are too --- and that's not to mention the allocation policies of
> the perl, tcl, etc, language interpreters...

I was going to make the suggestion that malloc et al. could be replaced with
palloc etc but then that raises too many complications without just shooving
everything into a long lived context anyway. Also I think we've got to rely on,
i.e. it is sensible to do so, the underlying language handling memory

Hmmm...there do seem to be a few mallocs in plpython.c . I haven't looked very
closely but nothing jumped out at me as being obviously wrong from the grep

Nigel J. Andrews

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