Jon Nelson-14 wrote
> I was watching a very large recursive CTE get built today and this CTE
> involves on the order of a dozen or so "loops" joining the initial
> table against existing tables. It struck me that - every time through
> the loop the tables were sorted and then joined and that it would be
> much more efficient if the tables remained in a sorted state and could
> avoid being re-sorted each time through the loop. Am I missing
> something here? I am using PG 8.4 if that matters.

I'm not sure what you mean by "watching" but maybe this is a simple as
changing your CTE to use "UNION ALL" instead of "UNION [DISTINCT]"?

If you really think it could be improved upon maybe you can help and provide
a minimal self-contained example query and data that exhibits the behavior
you describe so others can see it and test changes?  It would be nice to
know if other versions than one that is basically no longer supported
exhibits the same behavior.

Or maybe someone more familiar with the implementation of recursive CTE will
chime in - my knowledge in this area is fairly limited.

David J.

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