Re: Andres Freund 2014-05-17 <>
> > For example, if we allow
> > renaming active databases then the subprocesses in a parallel pg_dump or
> > pg_restore could connect to the wrong database, ie not the one the leader
> > process is connected to.  The very best-case outcome of that is confusing
> > error messages, and worst-case could be pretty nasty (perhaps even
> > security issues?).
> Yea, I am pretty sure there's some nastyness that way. Don't really want
> to go there for a feature that's not even been requested.

Does pg_dumpall protect against connecting to the wrong database if
renames are on the way? To me, this sounds like the same problem as
with pg_dump -j.

> >  We could no doubt teach pg_dump and pg_restore to
> > cross-check database OIDs after reconnecting, but lots of other
> > applications could have comparable problems.
> I guess pg_dump would have to lock the database before dumping....

Sounds like a sane idea for both.

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