Jeff Janes <> writes:
> On Monday, May 26, 2014, Tom Lane <> wrote:
>> This seems pretty likely to break existing scripts that happen to contain
>> backslashes.  Is it really worth the compatibility risk?

> Do you mean due to the bugs you point out, or in general?  Is it really at
> all likely that someone has ended a line of their custom benchmark file
> with a backslash?  I'm having a hard time seeing what, other than malice,
> would prod someone to do that.

No, I was worried that the feature would pose such a risk even when
correctly implemented.  But on reflection, you're right, it seems a bit
hard to credit that any existing script file would have a backslash just
before EOL.  There's certainly not SQL syntax in which that could be
valid; perhaps someone would do it in a "--" comment but that seems a
tad far fetched.

                        regards, tom lane

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