Hi all,

I'm little confused by the *convertJsonbValue* functon at *jsonb_utils.c*
Maybe I misunderstood something, so I need help =)

>>> if (IsAJsonbScalar(val) || val->type == jbvBinary)
>>>     convertJsonbScalar(buffer, header, val);

As I can see, the *convertJsonbScalar* function is used for scalar and
binary jsonb values. But this function doesn't handle the jbvBinary type.

>>> switch (scalarVal->type)
>>>     case jbvNull:
>>>     ...
>>>     case jbvString:
>>>     ...
>>>     case jbvNumeric:
>>>     .....
>>>     case jbvBool:
>>>     .....
>>>     default:
>>>         elog(ERROR, "invalid jsonb scalar type");

Does this mean, that binary type is incorrect for *convertJsonbValue *? Or
am I missed something?

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