>On Sat, May 31, 2014 at 12:31 AM, Marc Mamin <m.ma...@intershop.de> wrote:
>> I have patched intarray with 3 additional functions in order to 
>> count[distinct] event IDs
>> into arrays, whereas the array position correspond to the integer values. 
>> (mimic column oriented storage)
>I didn't look at the feature itself, but here are some comments about
>the format of the patch:
>- Be careful the newlines on the file you posted use ¥r¥n, which is
>purely Windows stuff... This will generate unnecessary diffs with the
>source code

oops, will fix

>- Here are some guidelines about the code convention:
>- And here are a couple of rules to respect when submitting a patch:
>Following those rules will make patch review as well as the life of
>reviewers easier.

thanks for your comments
I don't mean to suggests this directly as a patch,
I'm first interested to see if there are some interest
for such an aggregation type.


Marc Mamin

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