Jan UrbaƄski made a presentation titled 'Postgres on the wire',
subtitle 'A look at the PostgreSQL wire protocol'.   I hope this
covers some of your interest.   Presentation slide deck is available

Hope it helps;
Koichi Suzuki

2014-06-02 7:22 GMT+09:00 Mikko Tiihonen <mikko.tiiho...@nitorcreations.com>:
> Hi,
> Currently the criteria on updating the F/B protocol is undefined. This makes
> it hard to update the protocol going forward. It makes it also hard to write
> library/driver/application implementations that will be more future proof to
> future server versions.
> Ideally the documentation for 9.4 (backport?) would say what kind of things
> are allowed to change within the v3 protocol, and thus implies what kind of
> changes need a new v4 protocol. Is there some wishlist page of items to do
> differently for v4 already?
> I did find the following text in the documentation: "binary representations
> for complex data types might change across server versions". But having more
> specific rules would help, especially since it seems to be there just to
> scare: so far changes have been strongly discouraged.
> An example to consider: some binary formats have flags (arrays) or version
> (jsonb) field. We should explicitly say that clients must reject any unknown
> bits/versions that they do not know about. This guarantees they detect small
> format updates instead of silently accepting then and possibly returning
> corrupt data.
> My motivation:
> Two years ago accidentally I opened a discussion on how to do updates to the
> binary encoding of data in the protocol [1]. I would like to reopen the
> discussion now since the jsonb 'binary' encoding is just a version '1' +
> text json. The result from the last discussion was that having a version or
> flags as part of the binary format is not enough, since drivers/libraries
> (fixable) and applications (unfixable) are depending on the current
> encoding.
> And if we add a new bit to the flags or bump the version number we will
> break backward compatibility.
> To summarize the previous discussion:
> - there are currently no written rules for modifying the binary encoding
> formats
> - bytea modification was done with a GUC, but GUC was seen as a bad solution
> in general
> - my proposal was to add a minor format version number was not good either
> since any per session state would be problematic for connection poolers
> [1]:
> http://grokbase.com/t/postgresql/pgsql-hackers/11bwhv1esa/add-minor-version-to-v3-protocol-to-allow-changes-without-breaking-backwards-compatibility

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