Hi Jeff,

On 2014-05-29 09:39:56 -0700, Jeff Janes wrote:
> What features in 9.4 need more beta testing for recovery?

Another thing I'd like to add to the list is wal_level=logical. Not such
much the logical decoding side, but that we haven't screwed up normal
crash recovery/wal replay.

> I also applied the foreign key test retroactively to 9.3, and it quickly
> re-found the multixact bugs up until commit 9a57858f1103b89a5674.

But you haven't found 1a917ae8610d44985f (master) / c0bd128c81c2b23a
(REL9_3_STABLE)? That's somewhat interesting...

Thanks for all the testing,

Andres Freund

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