Adam Brightwell <> writes:
> Through this effort, we have concluded that for RLS the case of
> invalidating a plan is only necessary when switching between a superuser
> and a non-superuser.  Obviously, re-planning on every role change would be
> too costly, but this approach should help minimize that cost.  As well,
> there were not any cases outside of this one that were immediately apparent
> with respect to RLS that would require re-planning on a per userid basis.

Hm ... I'm not following why we'd need a special case for superusers and
not anyone else?  Seems like any useful RLS scheme is going to require
more privilege levels than just superuser and not-superuser.

Could we put the "if superuser then ok" test into the RLS condition test
and thereby not need more than one plan at all?

                        regards, tom lane

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