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> Hi,
> Replication commands like IDENTIFY_COMMAND are not logged even when
> log_statements is set to all. Some users who use log_statements to
> audit *all* statements might dislike this current situation. So I'm
> thinking to change log_statements or add something like log_replication
> so that we can log replication commands. Thought?

+1. I think adding a separate parameter is the way to go.

The other option would be to turn log_statements into a parameter that you
specify multiple ones - so instead of "all" today it would be "ddl,dml,all"
or something like that, and then you'd also add "replication" as an option.
But that would cause all sorts of backwards compatibility annoyances.. And
do you really want to be able to say things like "ddl,all" meanin you'd get
ddl and select but not dml?

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