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>>> 3) sparcv8: Last released model 1997.
>> I seem to recall hearing about this in a customer situation
>> relatively recently, so there may be a few of these still
>> kicking around out there.
> Really? As I'd written in a reply solaris 10 (released 2005)
> dropped support for it. Dropping support for a platform that's
> been desupported 10 years ago by it's manufacturer doesn't sound
> bad imo...

The release of version n doesn't mean that version n-1 is no longer
supported.  As of today, this page:


> The Oracle Solaris 9 operating system is now in the Extended
> Support period of it's life cycle. Customers with support
> contracts can still access patches and log new service requests,
> although support contracts carry a surcharge for Oracle Solaris 9
> support.

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