Steven Siebert <> writes:
> Attached is a proposed patch for BUG #10680.

> It's a simple fix to the problem of the ldapbindpasswd leaking in
> clear text to the postgresql log.  The patch simply removes the raw
> pg_hba.conf line from the log message, but retains the log line number
> to assist admins in troubleshooting.

You haven't exactly explained why this is a problem.  The proposed patch
would impede diagnosing of many other problems, so it's not going to get
committed without a thoroughly compelling rationale.

Hint: "I don't store my postmaster log securely" is not compelling.
We've been over that ground before; there are far too many reasons
why access to the postmaster log is a potential security hazard
to justify concluding that this particular one is worse.

                        regards, tom lane

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