Neophytos Demetriou <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> I must be missing something obvious here but it seems that bitfromint4 
> is not working under 7.3b2. I can still see bitfromint4 in the source 
> code, utils/adt/varbit.c, but it is no longer working. Any ideas why?

It's still there:

regression=# select "bit"(42);
(1 row)

However, it's not listed in pg_cast :-(

regression=# select cast(42 as bit);
ERROR:  Cannot cast type integer to bit

Looking at the CVS logs, this seems to be caused by overlapping changes.
On 4-Aug Thomas renamed bittoint4 and bitfromint4 to match the more
usual naming conventions for cast functions, viz int4(bit) and
bit(int4), and he also added int8(bit) and bit(int8).  This was after
Peter had trolled the catalogs for cast functions and created the
initial contents of pg_cast.h (on 18-Jul).

Upshot: we have here four functions that ought to be in pg_cast and are

Is it worth an initdb for 7.3b3 to fix this?  I think we were already
considering forcing one for the command-tag issues, otherwise I'd
probably vote "no".  Comments?

                        regards, tom lane

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