Joe Conway <> writes:
>> Probably so. I'll try to scrounge up some time to test the
>> performance impact of your patch.

> Not the most scientific of tests, but I think a reasonable one:
> ...
> 2.7% performance penalty

Thanks.  While that's not awful, it's enough to be annoying.

I think we could mitigate this by allocating the argument context once in
nodeFunctionscan setup, and passing it into ExecMakeTableFunctionResult;
so we'd only do a memory context reset not a create/delete in each cycle.
That would make the patch a bit more invasive, but not much.

Back-patchability would depend on whether you think there's any third
party code calling ExecMakeTableFunctionResult; I kinda doubt that,
but I wonder if anyone has a different opinion.

                        regards, tom lane

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