(I'm replying as co-author of pgaudit.)

At 2014-06-23 19:15:39 +0900, masao.fu...@gmail.com wrote:
> You added this into CF, but its patch has not been posted yet. Are you
> planning to make a patch?

It's a self-contained contrib module. I thought Ian had posted a
tarball, but it looks like he forgot to attach it (or decided to
provide only a Github link). I've attached a tarball here for
your reference.

> > Planned future improvements include:
> >
> > 1. Additional logging facilities, including to a separate audit
> >    log file and to syslog, and potentially logging to a table
> >    (possibly via a bgworker process). Currently output is simply
> >    emitted to the server log via ereport().
> >
> > 2. To implement per-object auditing configuration, it would be nice
> >    to use extensible reloptions (or an equivalent mechanism)
> Is it possible to implement these outside PostgreSQL by using hooks?

There are some unresolved questions with #2 because the extensible
reloptions patch seems to have lost favour, but I'm pretty sure we
could figure out some alternative.

> If not, it might be better to implement audit feature in core from the
> beginning.

Sure, we're open to that possibility. Do you have any ideas about what
an in-core implementation should do/look like?

-- Abhijit

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