Dear Hackers
When I use the  pg_catalog.char(integer) function  in the postgres, I can only 
use it like these:select pg_catalog.char(65);  select "char"(65);
But I want to use the function by the following char(1);Of coures, 
There would be a gram error.
I know the error is caused by that the 'char()' has been defined as one of 
character data types in the 'src\backend\parser\gram.y' file.
However, In SQLServer, the 'char()' can be used as data type and a function 
name in the same time.
For example:---------------------------------------------------select char(65)  
                  ----> char() used as a function name----A
select cast('1' as char(4));     ----> char() used as data type-------    1 
So, I wonder if there is a solution in the postgreSQL to use the char() as data 
type  and function name in the same time like in SQLServer.   

Any help appreciated.


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