Hello, thank you for the suggestion.

I dont' touch what '-n' option shows and rewrite documents for
the option a bit. And '-n' won't show the changes of backup

> > There are some changes which haven't been shown by '-n' option,
> > even not displayed at all. I think these should be shown by
> > '-n'. I suppose this is a kind of bug but fixing it seems to be a
> > kind of 'feature change'..
> >
> > Any suggestions?
> This seems the problem of the document and the help message of -n option.
> According to the source code, -n option displays only the values that -e, -l,
> -m -o, -O, and -x options change. The values -f option forcibly changes are
> not be shown in -n option. I'm not sure if this is an oversight in 108e399...

The html(sgml) document says that, 

=== share/doc/html/app-pgresetxlog.html
| The -n (no operation) option instructs pg_resetxlog to print
| the values reconstructed from pg_control and values about to be
| changed, and then exit without modifying anything. This is
| mainly a debugging tool, but can be useful as a sanity check
| before allowing pg_resetxlog to proceed for real.

This seems to have same meaning to the help message. "For
debugging use" also supports your way of understanding the
option, I suppose.

> Anyway, I think that making -n option display all the values that -f option
> changes would be useful. But since that's not a bugfix, we should apply it
> only in HEAD.



Kyotaro Horiguchi
NTT Open Source Software Center

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