On 27/06/14 00:12, Rushabh Lathia wrote:
Thanks for sharing latest patch.

For me this syntax is limiting the current returning clause implementation. Because its not allowing the returning PRIMARY KEYS with other columns, and
if user or application require that they need to do RETURNING *. Following
syntax not working, which i think is very useful in term if someone want to use
returning clause with PRIMARY KEY as well as some other table columns.

INSERT INTO dept VALUES (10,'ACCOUNTING','NEW YORK') returning primary key, dname;

I think allowing other columns with PRIMARY KEY would be more useful syntax. Even in later versions if we want to extend this syntax to return UNIQUE KEY,
SEQUENCE VALUES, etc.. comma separation syntax will be more handy.

Others please share your inputs/thoughts.


I agree 100%.

I note that DELETE & INSERT have a RETURNING clause. So the semantics and syntax should be the same, as much as is practicable.


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