Am I missing anything, (ie memory leak, undesirable behavior elsewhere)? 


I applied the patch and it looks like it is working well. As a longtime 
plpython user, I appreciate the fix.

I have a few comments:
1) I would remove the error message from the PO files as well.

2) You removed the comment:
-                       /*
-                        * We don't support arrays of row types yet, so the 
first argument
-                        * can be NULL.
-                        */

But didn't change the code there. 
I haven't delved deep enough into the code yet to understand the full meaning, 
but the comment would indicate that if arrays of row types are supported, the 
first argument cannot be null.

3) This is such a simple change with no new infrastructure code 
(PLyObject_ToComposite already exists). Can you think of a reason why this 
wasn't done until now? Was it a simple miss or purposefully excluded?

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