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> Sent: 19 October 2002 17:17
> To: Bruce Momjian
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> Subject: Re: [HACKERS] /contrib/retep to gborg 
> Bruce Momjian <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> > I am concerned that removing them may cause instability, 
> particularly 
> > in some of the java build scripts.  That's why I am suggesting not 
> > doing it during beta.
> Actually, it looks to me like they belong with the JDBC 
> driver.  As long as JDBC is in the main distro, I think we 
> should leave contrib/retep there too.
> There was some talk of moving JDBC to gborg, but I'm not sure 
> what the plan is, if any.

Marc asked me to sort it along with some other things, but when I spoke
to Barry he didn't want to move. I passed it back to Marc.

Regards, Dave.

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