At 2014-06-29 22:25:54 +0530, wrote:
> I think the really right thing to do would be to have two separate
> columns, one with "all", "sameuser", "samerole", "replication", or
> empty; and the other an array of database names.

After sleeping on it, I realised that the code would return '{all}' for
'all' in pg_hba.conf, but '{"all"}' for '"all"'. So it's not exactly
ambiguous, but I don't think it's especially useful for callers.

I think having two columns would work. The columns could be called
"database" and "database_list" and "user" and "user_list" respectively.

The database column may contain one of "all", "sameuser", "samegroup",
"replication", but if it's empty, database_list will contain an array of
database names. Then ("all", {}) and ("", {all}) are easily separated.
Likewise for user and user_list.

I've marked this patch "returned with feedback" and moved it to the
August CF after discussion with Vaishnavi.

-- Abhijit

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