At 2014-06-30 12:48:30 +0200, wrote:
> +      <para>
> +      Print a failed SQL commands to standard error output. This is
> +      equivalent to setting the variable <varname>ECHO</varname> to
> +      <literal>errors</literal>.

No "a", just "Print failed SQL commands …".

> -        <option>-e</option>.
> +        <option>-e</option>. If set to <literal>error</literal> then only
> +        failed queries are displayed.

Should be "errors" here, not "error".

>       printf(_("  -a, --echo-all           echo all input from script\n"));
> +     printf(_("  -b  --echo-errors        echo failed commands sent to 
> server\n"));
>       printf(_("  -e, --echo-queries       echo commands sent to server\n"));

Should have a comma after -b to match other options. Also I would remove
"sent to server" from the description: "echo failed commands" is fine.

Otherwise looks fine. I see no reason to wait for further feedback, so
I'll mark this ready for committer if you make the above corrections.

At some point, you should probably also update your --help-variables
patch to add this new value to the description of ECHO.

-- Abhijit

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