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> I liked the proposal here; was there a problem with it?
> http://www.postgresql.org/message-
> id/ca+tgmoz3ake4enctmqmzsykc_0pjl_u4c_x47ge48uy1upb...@mail.gmail.com

You're referring to the suggestion of accepting and ignoring the option on
non-Windows, right? I can do that, I just don't see the point as long as
pg_ctl has a separate code path (well, #ifdef) for Windows anyway.

> The pg_upgrade test suite and the $(prove_check)-based test suites rely on
> their pg_ctl-started postmasters receiving any console ^C.  pg_ctl
> deserves a --foreground or --no-background option for callers that prefer
> the current behavior.  That, or those tests need a new way to launch the
> postmaster.

Ah. More good news. Just to confirm, this is only about the tests, right,
not the code they are testing?

If so, is there even a way to run either on Windows? The pg_upgrade test
suite is a shell script, and prove_check is defined in Makefile.global and 
definitely not applicable to Windows.


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