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> On 30 June 2014 22:50, Pavel Stehule Wrote:
> >I didn't find a related message.
> >?
> I think there have been some confusion, the design idea were never
rejected but yes there were few feedback/ concern, which I had clarified.
Also some of the other concerns are already fixed in latest patch.

Simon has mentioned that exactly this idea has been rejected at
PGCon 2 years back. Please refer that in below mail:

As far as I can see, you never came back with the different solution.

Have you checked the discussion in Developer meeting notes. Please
check the same at below link:

> So I wanted to have this patch in commitfest application, so that we can
have a healthy discussion and rectify all the issues.
> But now I see that this patch has already been moved to rejected
category, which will put break on further review.

I believe ideally this patch should have been marked as
"Returned with feedback" as you already got a feedback long
back and never come up with solution for same.

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