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Hello, I'm getting confused.. The distinction between local_ and
session_ seems to be obscure..

At Wed, 02 Jul 2014 15:37:02 -0400, Tom Lane <t...@sss.pgh.pa.us> wrote in 
> Well, there aren't that many PGC_BACKEND parameters.
> Two of them are log_connections and log_disconnections, which we've
> been arguing over whether they should be controllable by non-superusers
> in the first place.  The only other ones are ignore_system_indexes and 
> post_auth_delay, which are debugging things that I can't see using with
> ALTER.  So this may be the only one where it's really of much interest.
> But I agree that the problem is triggered by the PGC_BACKEND categorization
> and not the meaning of this specific GUC.

I put some thoughts on this.

The current behavior is:

 - Considering setting them in postgresql.conf, the two are
   different only in the restriction for the locaion of modules
   to be load. But setting them is allowed only for superuser
   equivalent(DBA) so the difference has no meaning.

 - Considering setting them on-session, only session_* can be
   altered by superuser, but no valuable result would be
   retrieved from that.

 - Considering setting them through pg_db_role_setting using
   ALTER DATABASE/USER statements, only superuser can set only
   session_* and both sessions for superuser and non-superuser
   can perform it. local_* cannot be set anyway.

 - Considering inserting directly into pg_db_role_setting, only
   superuser can insert any setting, including
   local_preload_libraries, but it fails on session start.

 | =# INSERT INTO pg_db_role_setting VALUES(0, 16384, 
 | INSERT 0 1
 | $ psql postgres -U hoge
 | WARNING: parameter "local_preload_libraries" cannot be set after connection 

After all, I suppose the desirable requirements utilizing the
both *_preload_libraries are,

  - (local|session)_preload_libraries shouldn't be altered
    on-session.  (should have PGC_BACKEND)

  - ALTER ... SET local_preload_libraries should be done by any
    user, but specified modules should be within plugins

  - ALTER ... SET session_preload_libraries should be set only by
    superuser, and modules in any directory can be specified.

  - Both (local|session)_preload_libraries should work at session

  - Direct setting of pg_db_role_setting by superuser allows
    arbitrary setting but by the superuser's own responsibility.

The changes needed to achieve the above requirements are,

  - Now PGC_BACKEND and PGC_SUSET/USERSET are in orthogonal
    relationship, not in parallel. But it seems to big change for
    the fruits to reflect it in straightforward way. The new
    context PGC_BACKEND_USERSET seems to be enough.

  - set_config_option should allow PGC_BACKEND(_USERSET)
    variables to be checked (without changing) on-session.

  - PGC_BACKEND(_USERSET) variables should be allowed to be
    changed by set_config_option if teached that "now is on
    session starting". Now changeVal is not a boolean but
    tri-state variable including

The above description is based on 9.4 and later. local_* would be
applicable on 9.3 and before, but PGC_BACKEND_USERSET is not
needed because they don't have session_preload_libraries.

9.5dev apparently deserves to be applied. I personally think that
applying to all live versions is desirable. But it seems to be a
kind of feature change, enabling a function which cannot be used

For 9.4, since session_preload_library have been introduced, the
coexistence of current local_preload_library seems to be somewhat
crooked. We might want to apply this for 9.4.

For the earlier than 9.4, no one seems to have considered
seriously to use local_preload_library via ALTER statements so
far. Only document fix would be enough for them.

Any suggestions?


Kyotaro Horiguchi
NTT Open Source Software Center

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