Bruce Momjian <> writes:
> I have had trouble getting a table schema that is causing problems, but
> received a report via EDB support recently that had a simple schema
> (anonymized):
> ...
> needs_toast_table() computes the length of this table as 2024 bytes in
> 9.0, and 2064 bytes on 9.1, with the TOAST threshold being 2032 bytes. 

> My initial idea is to to allow for toast tables in the new cluster that
> aren't in the old cluster by skipping over the extra toast tables.  This
> would only be for pre-9.1 old clusters.

TBH, it has never been more than the shakiest of assumptions that the new
version could not create toast tables where the old one hadn't.  I think
you should just allow for that case, independently of specific PG
versions.  Fortunately it seems easy enough, since you certainly don't
need to put any data into the new toast tables.

                        regards, tom lane

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