Yea. I certainly disagree with the patch in it's current state because it copies the same 15 lines several times with a two word difference. Independent of whether we want those options, I don't think that's going to fly.

I liked a simple static string for the different variants, which means replication. Factorizing out the (large) common part will mean malloc & sprintf. Well, why not.

OTOH, we've almost reached the consensus that supporting gaussian
and exponential options in \setrandom. So I think that you should
separate those two features into two patches, and we should apply
the \setrandom one first. Then we can discuss whether the other patch
should be applied or not.

Sounds like a good plan.

Sigh. I'll do that as it seems to be a blocker...

The caveat that I have is that without these options there is:

(1) no return about the actual distributions in the final summary, which depend on the threshold value, and

(2) no included mean to test the feature, so the first patch is less meaningful if the feature cannot be used simply and require a custom script.


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