Re: Craig Ringer 2014-07-02 <>
> > +1.  The buildfarm has one such member already, anchovy, and I recall it
> > having given at least one helpful forewarning.  It shows as "Arch Linux
> > testing [updated daily]", which is sufficient annotation for me.  Its 
> > failure
> > rate has been low; member-caused failures due to ENOSPC and other miscellany
> > are a good deal more common.
> Yep - I see early notice of new gcc "special" behaviour, etc as quite
> valuable.
> If we're dubious about a result, we wait a few days and see if it goes
> away on its own.

I was looking at the zoo some time ago and was surprised there's only
a single animal running Debian unstable/testing - and that's on ia64
which Debian killed some months ago because no one seemed to care
enough about maintaining the toolchain. Is this because
unstable/testing are considered rolling releases? (On a second look,
dugong seems to be running etch/4.0, which is... old.)

My plan was to set up two animals, amd64 and i386, using the compiler
flags we are using for the Debian packages, though I was still waiting
for a VM in a soon-to-be-there cluster at credativ. That would have
catched the ASLR problems we discussed some weeks ago quite early, I

Does it make sense to look into setting up that target?

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