Commit 8b6010b8350a1756cd85595705971df81b5ffc07 eliminated the only
usage of a variable called typeStruct in plpy_spi.c, but left the
declaration and the code that sets a value for it.  This is
generating a warning when I build.  I would have just pushed a fix,
but I was concerned that it might have been left on purpose for
some follow-on patch. Any objections to the attached, to silence
the warning?

Kevin Grittner
The Enterprise PostgreSQL Company
diff --git a/src/pl/plpython/plpy_spi.c b/src/pl/plpython/plpy_spi.c
index 6c3eeff..465b316 100644
--- a/src/pl/plpython/plpy_spi.c
+++ b/src/pl/plpython/plpy_spi.c
@@ -93,7 +93,6 @@ PLy_spi_prepare(PyObject *self, PyObject *args)
 			HeapTuple	typeTup;
 			Oid			typeId;
 			int32		typmod;
-			Form_pg_type typeStruct;
 			optr = PySequence_GetItem(list, i);
 			if (PyString_Check(optr))
@@ -129,7 +128,6 @@ PLy_spi_prepare(PyObject *self, PyObject *args)
 			optr = NULL;
 			plan->types[i] = typeId;
-			typeStruct = (Form_pg_type) GETSTRUCT(typeTup);
 			PLy_output_datum_func(&plan->args[i], typeTup);
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