On 06 July 2014 20:33, Emre Hasegeli Wrote,
> > Apart from that there is one spell check you can correct
> > -- in inet_his_inclusion_selec comments histogram boundies  ->
> > histogram boundaries :)
> I fixed it.  New version attached.  The debug log statements are also
> removed.

I have done with the review, patch seems fine to me

I have one last comment, after clarifying this I can move it to "ready for 
1. In networkjoinsel, For avoiding the case of huge statistics, only some of 
the values from mcv and histograms are used (calculated using SQRT).
-- But in my opinion, if histograms and mcv both are exist then its fine, but 
if only mcv's are there in that case, we can match complete MCV, it will give 
better accuracy.
   In other function like eqjoinsel also its matching complete MCV.

Thanks & Regards,
Dilip Kumar

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