From: "Alvaro Herrera" <>
I think the suggestion by Peter Eisentraut upthread was pretty
reasonable -- the Makefiles are already aware that they are building a
shared library, so scrape the info off them.  The less hardcoded stuff
in the msvc framework, the better.

I overlooked his mail. Do you mean something like this? (I don't know yet how to express this in Perl)

for each Makefile in under top_dir_in_source_tree or src/interfaces
 if (Makefile contains SO_MAJOR_VERSION)
   extract NAME value from Makefile
   move lib/lib${NAME}.dll to bin/

But the source tree contains as many as 206 Makefiles. I'm worried that it will waste the install time. Should all these Makefiles be examined, or 16 Makefiles in src/interfaces/?


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