Christoph Berg <> writes:
> Re: Viswanatham kirankumar 2014-07-16 
> <>
>> Attached patch is implementing following TODO item
>> Process pg_hba.conf keywords as case-insensitive

> Hmm. I see a case for accepting "ALL" (as in hosts.allow(5)), so +1 on
> that, but I don't think the other keywords like "host" and "peer"
> should be valid in upper case.

I think the argument was that SQL users are accustomed to thinking
that keywords are case-insensitive.  It makes sense to me that we
should adopt that same convention in pg_hba.conf.

Re-reading the original thread, there was also concern about whether
we should try to make quoting/casefolding behave more like it does in SQL,
specifically for matching pg_hba.conf items to SQL identifiers (database
and role names).  This patch doesn't seem to have addressed that part
of it, but I think we need to think those things through before we
just do a blind s/strcmp/pg_strcasecmp/g.  Otherwise we might find that
we've added ambiguity that will give us trouble when we do try to fix

                        regards, tom lane

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