Fundamental issue:
PostgreSQL is different than Oracle in how it stores BLOBs

In PostgreSQL ...
In the particular tables BLOBS are stored as OID's (unique numbers).
There is one table for all BLOB data (see pg_largeobject under 
Catalogs/PostgreSQL/pg_largeobject in pgadmin tree). It stores colums 
"OID/pageno/actual binary data (page)".

What do I need?
A method of using pg_dump to selectively export BLOBs with OID's used in the 
tables specified with --table <table_name1> --table <table_name2>

I have four tables containing BLOBs I want to export w/o the BLOB data - that's 
What I also want is the remaining 200+ tables exported with THEIR BLOB entries, 
if any, but NOT one BLOB from the four tables explicitly not specified in 
pg_dump command; so JUST the BLOBs associated to any of the 200+ tables I do 


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