Magnus Hagander <> writes:
> 9.4 beta docs are listed as "Current as of 2014-05-10".
> I'm assuming that's just a step we missed in the version stamping?

No, what that means is that nobody has looked at the commit logs since
then to see if the 9.4 release notes need any updates.  Since we don't
release-note simple bug fixes in a branch before the .0 release,
9.4 isn't yet getting the same notes as the back branches; it requires
a scan of the commit logs with different criteria, ie look for feature
changes.  And I didn't do that over the weekend (I barely got the
back-branch notes done :-().

It will get done at least once before 9.4.0, but I suspect that any
changes as a result of that will be pretty minor, so I'm not terribly
upset that it didn't happen for beta2.

                        regards, tom lane

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