I propose that a QNX 6.5 port be introduced to PostgreSQL.

I am new to PostgreSQL development, so please bear with me.

I have made good progress (with 1 outstanding issue, details below):

*         I created a QNX 6.5 port of PostgreSQL 9.3.4 which passes regression 

*         I merged my changes into 9.4beta2, and with a few minor changes, it 
passes regression tests.

*         QNX support states that QNX 6.5 SP1 binaries run on QNX 6.6 without 
modification, which I confirmed with a few quick tests.

Summary of changes required for PostgreSQL 9.3.4 on QNX 6.5:

*         Typical changes required for any new port (template, configure.in, 
dynloader, etc.)

*         QNX lacks System V shared memory: I created 
"src/backend/port/posix_shmem.c" which replaces System V calls (shmget, shmat, 
shmdt, ...) with POSIX calls (shm_open, mmap, munmap, shm_unlink)

*         QNX lacks sigaction SA_RESTART: I modified "src/include/port.h" to 
define macros to retry system calls upon EINTR (open,read,write,...) when 
compiled on QNX

*         A few files required addition of #include <sys/select.h> on QNX (for 

Additional changes required for PostgreSQL9.4beta2 on QNX 6.5:

*         "DSM" changes introduced in 9.4 (R. Haas) required that I make minor 
updates to my new "posix_shmem.c" code.

*         src\include\replication\logical.h: struct LogicalDecodingContext 
field "write" interferes with my "write" retry macro.  Renaming field "write" 
to "do_write" solved this problem.

Outstanding Issue #1:
src/backend/commands/dbcommands.c :: createdb() complains when copying 
template1 to template0 (apparently a locale issue)
"FATAL:  22023: new LC_CTYPE (C;collate:POSIX;ctype:POSIX) is incompatible with 
the LC_CTYPE of the template database (POSIX;messages:C)"
I would appreciate help from an experienced PostgreSQL hacker to address this.
I have temporarily disabled this check on QNX (I can live with the 
assumption/limitation that template0 and template1 contain strictly ASCII).

I can work toward setting up a build farm member should this proposal be 
Your feedback and guidance on next steps is appreciated.

Thank you.

Keith Baker

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