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> I couldn't find an existing reasonable place to share a single wait
> policy enumeration between parser/planner/executor and the heap access
> module, and I get the feeling that it would be unacceptable to
> introduce one.
I guess the way I justify it in my head is something like, "the 3 enums are
for the same purpose, so having 3 exist all with different names is
confusing and it makes the code harder to follow". So to fix that up I
think, "oh we can just give them all the same name... But then, how can be
we be sure each definition matches the other 2?" ... hmm, "just merge it
into one and put it somewhere that can be accessed from everywhere."

Saying that I don't know what the project best practises are for locations
for sharing such things, but if nothing exists then maybe this would be a
good time to invent somewhere.

Maybe someone with more experience can chime in and give advice on this?


David Rowley

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