On Mon, Aug 4, 2014 at 11:48 PM, testman1316 <danilo.rami...@hmhco.com> wrote:
> In both we ran code that did 1 million square roots (from 1 to 1 mill). Then
> did the same but within an If..Then statement.

> Note: once we started running queries on the exact same data in Oracle and
> PostgreSQL we saw a similar pattern. On basic queries little difference, but
> as they started to get more and more complex Oracle was around 3-5 faster.

Looks like from the test cases you posted, you're not actually
benchmarking any *queries*, you're comparing the speeds of the
procedural languages. And yes, PL/pgSQL is known to be a farily slow

If you want fair benchmark results, you should instead concentrate on
what databases are supposed to do: store and retrieve data; finding
the most optimal way to execute complicated SQL queries. In most
setups, that's where the majority of database processor time is spent,
not procedure code.


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