Hello Robert,

The issue is that there are 3 definitions of modulo, two of which are fine
(Knuth floored division and Euclidian), and the last one much less useful.
Alas, C (%) & SQL (MOD) choose the bad definition:-( I really need any of
the other two. The attached patch adds all versions, with "%" and "mod"
consistent with their C and SQL unfortunate counterparts, and "fmod" and
"emod" the sane ones.

Three different modulo operators seems like a lot for a language that
doesn't even have a real expression syntax, but I'll yield to whatever
the consensus is on this one.

I agree that it is overkill.

In fact there is a link: if there was a real expression syntax, the remainder sign could be fixed afterwards, so the standard C/SQL version would do. If it is not available, the modulo operator must be right.

If there is only one modulo added, I would rather have the Knuth version. However I was afraid that someone would object if "%" does not return the same result than the C/PostgreSQL versions (even if I think that nearly nobody has a clue about what % returns when arguments are negative), hence the 3 modulo version to counter this potential critic.

But I would prefer just one version with the Knuth (or Euclidian)


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