I've built and run the regression tests on PostgreSQL7.3 beta 2 on
SGI Irix and found the following suspicious compiler error message:

gmake[4]: Entering directory `/pg/postgresql-7.3b2/src/backend/utils/hash'
cc -64 -g -woff 1164,1171,1185,1195,1552 -I../../../../src/include 
-I/stf/sys64/include -I/stf/sys64/include/readline -U_NO_XOPEN4  -c dynahash.c -o 
cc-1184 cc: WARNING File = dynahash.c, Line = 543
  "=" is used where where "==" may have been intended.

                Assert(currBucket && !(saveState.currBucket = NULL));

Looks like a bug to me.

All the regression tests pass except for tests involving Savings Time
which are off by one hour. --Bob

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