Marco Nenciarini wrote:

> To calculate the md5 checksum I've used the md5 code present in pgcrypto
> contrib as the code in src/include/libpq/md5.h is not suitable for large
> files. Since a core feature cannot depend on a piece of contrib, I've
> moved the files
> contrib/pgcrypto/md5.c
> contrib/pgcrypto/md5.h
> to
> src/backend/utils/hash/md5.c
> src/include/utils/md5.h
> changing the pgcrypto extension to use them.

We already have the FNV checksum implementation in the backend -- can't
we use that one for this and avoid messing with MD5?

(I don't think we're looking for a cryptographic hash here.  Am I wrong?)

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