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I'd suggest only defining INT64_MODIFIER here and build INT64_FORMAT,
UINT64_FORMAT ontop, in c.h.

Oh, I see. I'm sorry, I misread your earlier suggestion. Regenerated
patches attached. Is this what you had in mind?

Committed the patch to add INT64_MODIFIER, with minor fixes.

The new rm_identify method needs to be documented. Not sure where; surprisingly I can't find any documentation on the existing methods either. Perhaps add comments to the RmgrData struct, explaining all of the methods. In particular, should give guidelines on what output belongs in rm_desc and what in rm_identify.

I think the names that rm_identify returns should match those that the rm_desc functions print. As the patch stands, for example when heap_desc prints out something like:

hot_update(init): xmax 123; new tid 1/2 xmax 456

The corresponding rm_identify output is:


It would be better to spell them the same, so that when you look at the summary stats and the raw pg_xlogdump output, you can tell which records contributed to which summary line.

- Heikki

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