Also, a general comment, which is independent of this patch: I found the documentation build especially not resilient, with a lack of clear error messages when something is broken. Basically, if configure does not found something for the doc (openjade, osx, xmllint, ...) it does not complain. That is fine with me, people would not always want to build the doc anyway as it is available online. However, the Makefile in doc/src/sgml overrides the not found commands (ifndef JADE JADE=..., etc), and proceed to unhelpful and unclear errors later on. ISTM that it may be more helful to do:

To be more constructive:

Maybe all commands could have a check counterpart added to the dependencies, so as to fail gracefully only if needed, something like:

        if type -p $(XXX) > /dev/null ; then touch $@ ; else \
          echo "command $(XXX) not found"; exit 1 ; \

  foo: .check_XXX
        $(XXX) ...

I'm not sure how to check for the docbook style availability though.


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