Jeevan Chalke wrote:

> I have initialize cur_lineno to UINTMAX - 2. And then observed following
> behaviour to check wrap-around.
> postgres=# \set PROMPT1 '%/[%l]%R%# '
> postgres[18446744073709551613]=# \set PROMPT2 '%/[%l]%R%# '
> postgres[18446744073709551613]=# select
> postgres[18446744073709551614]-# a
> postgres[18446744073709551615]-# ,
> postgres[0]-# b
> postgres[1]-# from
> postgres[2]-# dual;
> It is wrapping to 0, where as line number always start with 1. Any issues?
> I would like to ignore this as UINTMAX lines are too much for a input
> buffer to hold. It is almost NIL chances to hit this.

Yeah, most likely you will run out of memory before reaching that point,
or out of patience.

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