On Mon, Aug 25, 2014 at 06:34:12AM -0700, Kevin Grittner wrote:
> Bernd Helmle <maili...@oopsware.de> wrote:
> > Magnus Hagander <mag...@hagander.net> wrote:
> >>> I vote for discarding 8.3 support in pg_upgrade.  There are already
> >>> enough limitations on pg_upgrade from pre-8.4 to make it of questionable
> >>> value; if it's going to create problems like this, it's time to cut the
> >>> rope.
> >>
> >> +1. 8.3 has been unsupported for a fairly long time now, and you can
> >> still do a two-step upgrade if you're on that old a version.
> >
> > Also +1 from my side. I've seen some old 8.3 installations at customers,
> > still, but they aren't large and can easily be upgraded with a two step
> > upgrade.
> +1
> If we could leave it without it being any extra work, fine; but
> once a release is over a year out of support, if it's a matter of
> putting extra work on the pg hackers or on the users who have
> chosen to wait more than a year after support ends to do the
> upgrade, I'm OK with asking those users to do a two-phase upgrade
> or fall back to pg_dump.  It's not like we're leaving them without 
> any options.

OK, I will move in the direction of removing 8.3 support and use a
single query to pull schema information.   I was hesistant to remove 8.3
support as I know we have kept pg_dump support all the way back to 7.0,
but it seems pg_upgrade need not have the same version requirements.

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